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Few parts of modern life are untouched by the raw materials of oil and gas. And while there have been a lot of changes in the oil and gas industry in the last 40 years, some things remain the same. The need to maintain continuous service in the face of tight deadlines and limited resources, and the need to have a supply partner that’s always there when it counts, is crucial now more than ever. At RM Oilfield Services, our technical background and dedication to customer service makes us a force to be reckoned with in the oil industry.

Our History


RMOS was founded by Dick Leigh in 2010 as an engineering consulting company. Leigh himself is a guru who started working in the drilling fluids business in the 1970s. After years of traveling all over the world for the industry, he saw an opportunity to start his own company and provide operators with the kinds of services and attention they need most.


In 2013, Leigh transitioned RMOS into a full-service drilling fluid service company.


Today our headquarters is located in Kalispell, MT, but we also have field offices in Pittsburgh, PA; Houston, TX; and Tulsa, OK. Our core businesses include drilling fluids, solids control equipment, and related waste management solutions. RMOS also provides chemicals for completion and production fluids within fracking operations.

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Our Team

The RMOS team is comprised of some of the most talented individuals in the industry. Our employees are highly skilled professionals who are rigorously trained and motivated to exceed client expectations. We understand the complexities of drilling projects and the sudden obstacles operators may encounter in diverse U.S. fields such as the Bakken, Niobrara, Barnett, Eagle Ford, and Marcellus. That’s why we not only deliver fast and responsive services, but also focus on anticipating challenges before they arise. We strive to be the oilfield service company you deserve and can depend on—providing a variety of solutions to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Our Mission

RM Oilfield Services is dedicated to helping our clients solve tough challenges in ways other companies cannot. Our clients rely on us to help drive efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and exceed their HSE goals. At the core of our culture is the drive to establish our reputation as a global leader in oilfield services industry.

Our Values

Rocky Mountain Oilfield Services is committed to a set of core values that lay the foundation of our company. These values shape everything we do, from how we develop and market our technologies, to how we serve our clients, employees, and communities.


    Protecting each other like family while sustaining the environment in which we work.


    Acting honestly, ethically, and responsibly in all aspects of our business.


    Dealing fairly and openly with employees, clients, suppliers, and the community.


    Delivering value through performance, innovation, and service quality.


    We take pride and ownership of our work and safety culture. We are always transparent, so our clients always know where we stand.

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Why Choose Us

oil drilling fluid Experience


In the oilfield, there is nothing more important than experience. ROMS team consists of highly experienced professionals. We employ that knowledge and expertise to every decision of our business.

oil drilling fluid communication


We understand that clear communication is vital to ensuring that your standards are met during every phase of the job. That’s why we provide multiple points of contact to each client and uphold a high standard of communication within our team.

oil drilling fluid safety


At RMOS, we heavily invest time, research, and resources into our safety program. Our integrated approach to safety combines the latest technology, research, and equipment to ensure that our employees have the tools that they need to empower themselves to be safe.

oil drilling fluid attention


At RMOS, every job, large or small, is treated with the highest level of attention and professionalism. Each job is meticulously inspected to ensure that no detail has been ignored.

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