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Leading Solutions for Frac and Completion Fluids

Your well is only as good as its throughput. Ensure its operating efficiency with Rocky Mountain Oilfield Services well completion fluids. Our proprietary completion fluids reduce the risk of damage to your well, while increasing its productivity.

Here at RMOS, we recognize that every well has its own set of downhole characteristics and that understanding is key to successful completion systems. Our engineers work closely with the clients to design and deliver a high-quality completion fluid that is compatible with the completion design and objective. Prior to wellsite delivery, the fluids are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet reservoir specifications.

Drilling and completions fluids are the backbone of RMOS’ operations. From controlling pressure to transmittal of data, properly designed and correctly maintained drilling and completion fluids can help achieve superior drilling-fluid performance and resulting cost savings. At RMOS, we deliver the completion fluids our clients need for even the most challenging projects.

Benefits of RMOS’ Completion Fluids

  • A clean producing zone
  • Minimal formation damage
  • Lower NPT
  • Maximum production faster
  • Longer productive life
  • Reduced costs and HSE impact